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  • Sale -22% SBB cover FACTORY NEW

    Gebinde-Partner GmbH SBB cover FACTORY NEW

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    Brand new SBB covers are covers that come directly from a manufacturer and have not yet been used in service. They usually offer higher quality standards and a longer lifespan compared to used lids. specifications Size: 1200mm x 800mm to cover standard euro pallet. Material: Made of strong and durable wood Load capacity: Can carry loads up to 250 kg, depending on the wood quality. Environmental friendliness: Wood is a natural and biodegradable raw material, making it an environmentally friendly choice for a pallet lid.

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  • Sale -25% SBB cover used/exchangeable

    Gebinde-Partner GmbH SBB cover used/exchangeable

    Used SBB covers are covers that have already been used in service and are now available for sale. Although they may show signs of wear, used SBB covers can still be used effectively for protecting and securing stored goods. specifications Size: 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm (length x width x height) Weight: about 25 kg Load capacity: up to 1,500 kg Material: Euro pallets are made of wood and are therefore environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Seal of approval: EPAL Euro pallets are certified with the EPAL seal of approval, which stands for quality and conformity with international standards. Compatibility: EPAL Euro pallets are compatible with most storage and transport systems and enable smooth logistics across borders. Swiss production

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