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  • Tesa 4089 - PP packing tape 50 μm

    Gebinde-Partner Shop Tesa 4089 - PP packing tape 50 μm

    Product description tesapack® 4089 is a packaging tape based on a PP film with a strong natural rubber adhesive. tesapack® 4089 is characterized by the following properties: Loud but slightly rolling Very well suited for machine processing and for processing with all common hand dispensers Application Easy manual and machine processing Universally applicable for the closure of light to medium-heavy shipping boxes

    CHF 21.60 - CHF 27.30

  • Gebinde-Partner Shop Tesa 4024 - PP packing tape PV4 50 μm

    Product description tesa® 4024 PV 4 is a packaging tape based on a PP film and a special acrylic dispersion adhesive. In use, the product is characterized by a balanced ratio of high tack and high shear strength. The universal packaging tape can be used on all commercially available hand dispensers. tesa® 4024 PV 4 has the following properties: Quietly unrollable High transparency for an attractive appearance (Fb.00) High UV, aging and temperature resistance for a longer storage period Application Hassle-free processing. Can be used universally for closing light to medium-heavy shipping boxes.

    CHF 21.60 - CHF 27.30


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