PVC packing tape

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  • Verpackungsklebeband PVC - 50mm

    Gebinde-Partner GmbH Verpackungsklebeband PVC - 50mm

    2 reviews

    50mmx66lfm, Kern 76mmtransparent, ohne Druck geschrumpft zu 6 Rollen, Schachtel zu 36 Rollen, Pal. zu 2376 Rollen

    CHF 2.65

  • Verpackungsklebeband PP - 50mm

    Gebinde-Partner GmbH Verpackungsklebeband PP - 50mm

    50mmx66lfm, Kern 76mmAcrylat, 28µmleise abrollendKarton à 36 Rollen / Pal à 2592 Rollen

    CHF 1.80

  • tesapack® 4120 - PVC hand roller

    Gebinde-Partner Shop tesapack® 4120 - PVC hand roller

    Product description tesapack® 4120 is a packaging tape based on a PVC film with a strong natural rubber adhesive. tesapack® 4120 is characterized by the following properties: Evenly and quietly unrolling Very suitable for processing with all common hand dispensers Application Easy manual processing Universally applicable for closing medium-heavy shipping boxes

    CHF 21.60 - CHF 27.30


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